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Kadanjoe Group of Companies and Its clients

A critical part of Kadanjoe “difference” is our claim philosophy, which has remained unchanged since the origin of Kadanjoe in 1992. The foundation of the Kadanjoe claim philosophy is to be responsive to the Insured at a time of misfortune. A Kadanjoe policy of insurance represents not only a commercial business transaction, but also a significant commitment of trust. This understanding was best stated by the late Hendon Chubb (the founder of our Underwriter friend – Chubb Insurance Group in USA) who said:


” … while an insurance policy is a legal contract that expresses our minimum responsibility, there are many occasions when equity demands that we recognise a moral obligation beyond the strictly legal terms – and this is always a consideration in our settlements.”

Four Cornerstones


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Our Methodology


We are pleased to present an overview of our proposed Action Plan and Time Table (please see Schedule A below) which would govern our work method for the clients if we are appointed as your Insurance Consultant. On the following pages, we discuss the Action Plan in greater detail.