Daniel Wong (Head of Legal & Technical)

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Daniel Wong practised law as an Advocate & Solicitor about three (3) years before joining Kadanjoe Group of Companies. He was trained and employed by a prominent legal firm in Malaysia. Daniel also holds a Master in Accounting, Management and Finance from Bradford University School of Management and a Diploma in Islamic Banking (IIBI). He is also a Chartered Insurance Practitioner (London).

Daniel’s area of practice includes Public Offering Securities Insurance, Products Liability Insurance, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, Pollution Liability Insurance, Hospital Malpractice Insurance, Marine Open Cover Insurance, Marine Hull & Machinery Insurance and Aviation Hull & Liability Insurance.
Daniel scored distinction in his marine paper – “Marine and Aviation Insurance”.

He is currently pursuing his 2nd Masters degree -Masters in Law and is currently writing his dissertation on an insurance related topic.


LLB (Hons)(London), C.L.P, MSc in Accounting, Management & Finance (Bradford), Chartered Insurance Practitioner (London), Diploma in Islamic Banking (IIBI), ACII, AMII


Email: danielwong@kadanjoe.com

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