Real Example of Use of Thermographic Survey

Real Example of Use of Thermographic Survey

These real-world examples demonstrate the effective use of infrared thermography.



Overheated transformer bushing

This transformer experienced an internal problem that manifested itself as an overheated bushing. Within 24 hours, it was removed from service and the back-up unit was installed. This averted potential spoilage of millions of dollars in agricultural products.



Under-lubricated motor bearing

The bearing on the driving end of this motor was reading 187 degrees F, more than 60 degrees above ambient. Upon examination, it was discovered that the lubrication was insufficient. Correcting the problem prevented failure of the motor.



A properly operating steam trap

Not all hot spots indicate a problem. This image shows a steam trap that is operating properly. Faulty steam traps waste energy; infrared thermography is an invaluable tool for readily detecting them so they can be repaired. examples/index.html